Southend Medical Centre

245 Hampton Street,Hampton, Vic, 3188

Phone: (03) 9598 7688

Fax: (03) 9521 9289

ABN 72 446 901 724


Monday & Wednesday: 8.00am to 7pm

Tuesday: 9.00am to 7pm

Thursday: 9.00am to 5pm

Friday:  8am to 5pm

Saturday: 9.00am to 11.30am

Sunday & Pub. Hol. - Closed

Times are subject to change


Dr. David Shap and his team have been providing quality medical care and service to Hampton and surrounding patients for more than 30 years.

Services available at Southend

Full check ups, family planning, pap smears, pregnancy tests, ECG, heart check, all vaccinations including travel, removal of moles, liquid nitrogen freezing – warts, stitching cuts, skin checks, shared-care obstetrics, insurance medical reports, aged health assessments, mirena insertion, IUD insertion and implanon implants.


Allied Health Services available at Southend

Pathology – Clinical Labs on site (Mon – Fri & Sat am)

Psychologist – Angela Martin (every Monday by appointment)

Diabetes Educator –Lynette Schroen  (by appointment)

Dietitian - Mary Lucas - (by appointment only)

Mental Health Nurse - Steven Wright (by referral and appointment only) every 2nd Friday on site (from 9.00am onwards)